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Provides an update of valid and expired certificates. The Suicide Prevention and Postvention course needs to be renewed annually.

Mandatory Reporter Trainings

Do I need to complete trainings for both child and dependent adult abuse?

  • Yes - the updated trainings are now separate, two hours each, and both child AND dependent adult abuse trainings must be completed.

Is my mandatory reporter training still valid?

  • Check the completion date. Training completed before July 1, 2019 is valid for five years, and training completed on or after July 1, 2019 is valid for three years.

Can I complete the refresher course instead?

  • We can only accept the one-hour refresher trainings IF:

    • you have previously taken these NEW, SEPARATE two-hour trainings EACH, completed after July 1, 2019,

    • AND you did not let the new trainings expire,

    • AND you upload ALL certificates completed after 2019 to show this.

Where can I complete the trainings?

Mandatory reporter trainings for child and dependent adult abuse through DHS


Mandatory reporter trainings for child and dependent adult abuse through the AEA

It is MUCH easier to complete the trainings that are two hours each again to make sure you have the correct certificates.