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School nursing is a healthcare specialty requiring specific expertise in nursing, public health and education.  Our school nurses are licensed registered nurses that address a wide range of health topics that impact children at school:

District Procedures

Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions - Select the drop down arrow for more information

Health Requirements To Attend School 

Immunizations, Screenings and Physicals (Listed By Grade), Immunization Exemption Process 

Iowa law requires all students to show proof of adequate immunization prior to attending school.

Full List : Iowa Immunization Requirements 



- Up to Date Immunization Record


Kindergarten Health Packet

1st Grade

- Up to Date Immunization Record

2nd Grade

- Up to Date Immunization Record

3rd Grade

- Up to Date Immunization Record

4th Grade

- Up to Date Immunization Record

5th Grade

- Up to Date Immunization Record

6th Grade

- Up to Date Immunization Record

7th Grade 

- Up to Date Immunization Record

- Athletic Physical Form (if participating in athletics)

8th Grade

- Up to Date Immunization Record

- Athletic Physical Form (if participating in athletics)

9th Grade

- Up to Date Immunization Record

- IDPH : Certificate of Dental Screening

- Athletic Physical Form (if participating in athletics)

10th Grade

- Up to Date Immunization Record

- Athletic Physical Form (if participating in athletics)

11th Grade

- Up to Date Immunization Record

- Athletic Physical Form (if participating in athletics)

12th Grade

- Up to Date Immunization Record

- Athletic Physical Form (if participating in athletics)

Immunization Exemption - If you student requires an immunization exemption please contact the school nurse 

General Illness Guidelines

When Your Children Should Not Attend and Illness Resources

General Illness Guidance 

It is important for students to be at school but also equally important to take measures to maintain good health.  Please keep your child home if they are experiencing any of the following symptoms :

Information on Other Diseases and Conditions | Health & Human Services (


School Attendance

Keeping Nurses Informed

Attendance & Keeping Nurses Informed

Student Health Conditions 

Keep Us Informed of Any Dietary Restrictions, Health Conditions, Physical Limitations or Emergency Action Plans 

Health Conditions, Physical Limitations and Emergency Action Plans

To best support and care for your students while they are at school we ask that parents/guardian(s) keep the school nurses informed of any health conditions/physical limitations and to keep the school nurses updated on any changes throughout the school year.  

If your provider has completed an Emergency Action Plan please provide a copy to the school nurse.

If your student requires a specialized diet and/or an alternative to the breakfast or lunch provided by the school please contact your school nurse or food services.  To provide an alternative to the menu a Diet Modification Request form must be completed and signed by the student’s provider and returned to the school.  

Medication Administration

Contact Us First!

If able, medications should be taken before or after school hours; however if needed during the school day please contact the school nurse. 

Medication may be administered only after the Consent for Administration of Medication at School form is completed by the parent/guardian(s) and returned and reviewed by the school nurse.  If needed, contact your school nurse for a consent form.

Any changes to prescription medications will require a new order from the provider and a parent/guardian to complete a new Consent for Administration of Medication at School form (new medication, dose or change in time)

Medication should be brought to the school by the parent/guardian.  If unable please contact the school nurse.  

All medication, including prescription and over the counter, will be kept in the nurse’s office during the school day.  Students are not allowed to carry medication on them while in school; this includes backpacks and lockers.

If an emergency medication (inhaler, epi-pen) needs to be carried by the student while at school please contact the school nurse. 

For further information : Medication Administration at School


Return to Learn & Return to Play Policy

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury and it is very important to seek medical evaluation if you suspect your student has sustained a concussion. If your student has been diagnosed with a concussion, it is important that you notify the school.  The school nurse will follow the doctors' orders and also work collaboratively with the student, their teachers, and parents/guardians to help support and provide academic adjustments or accommodations based on the students' concussion symptoms.  

 Academically we will follow our return to learn protocol, this is a gradual increase in academic exertion.  Students will progress or regress through the phases based on their concussion symptoms.  Once the student is able to participate in a full academic day without concussion symptoms they will advance to the return to play protocol.  This protocol is a gradual increase in physical activity.  The return to play protocol will take at least 5 day days before a student is fully released for full physical activity participation.  

IDPH Concussion resources


We Follow Iowa Department of Public Health's Recommendations

Snacks & Treats At School 

Store Bought, Pre-packaged Treats Only!

Birthday treats may be distributed in the classroom if the student wishes to do so.  Due to food allergies and health concerns, if students bring treats to school, please bring only store bought pre-packaged treats - Elementary Handbook 2022-2023

Athletics Physicals

Required Each Year to Participate and Compete

To be eligible to participate in athletics; students are required to have a current athletic physical on file with the school.  Athletic physicals need to be completed and signed by a provider every 12 months.  


Weather & Recess

When winter weather is upon us, we will follow these guidelines regarding outside temperatures:

Air Temp 0 to -10 or below = inside recess

Wind Chill -10 or below = inside recess

If air temperature is above 0 but wind chill is -1 to -9 range, recess will be shortened at the discretion of the supervisors.  

Winter Recess Clothing Requirements : In order to keep shoes/clothes dry during the winter months, we require the use of boots, snow pants, winter coats, gloves and stocking caps when there is snow on the ground. Please call the school if you need assistance with providing these winter clothing items.  

PE/Recess Exclusion: If your child is recovering from an illness, we request a note from you indicating your desire for them to stay in from recess and/or PE under these special circumstances.  We can honor a note from you for a maximum of 2 days following an illness.  If your child needs to stay inside for an extended period following an illness (three or more days) you will need to send a doctor’s excuse to cover this extended length of time. 

Forms and Other Resources