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Employee Benefits Time ClockPurchasing and Requisitions 
Health Insurance 2020-21
Wellmark Notice (Prescription Drug Coverage/Medicare)
  Time Clock - Approval of Hours  Web Link - Enter a Requisition2020-2021 Payroll Calendar
$500 Deductible Partial Self Funded (PSF)
$500 Partial Self Funded Plan SBC
$5000 Deductible Wellmark Plan Booklet
$5000 Deductible with PSF SBC
Fully Insured Vs. Self Funded
Advantage Administrators PSF
PSF Flowchart
 Time Clock Guidelines    Questions and Answers on Requisitions  Overtime and Comp Time Policy
$1000 Deductible Grandfathered Plan
$1000 Grandfathered Plan SBC
$1000 Deductible Wellmark Plan Booklet
   Time Clock - How To InstructionsPop Ups Blocked?Web Link - Logging In / Paycheck History / W-2's

$2500 High Deductible (HDHP) w/ Health Savings Account (HSA)

 $2500 HDHP Plan SBC     
$2500 Deductible Wellmark Plan Booklet
HSA Example of Eligible Expenses
Recordkeeping and your HSA
HSA Limits 2020
  Time Clock - Submitting A Leave RequestAmazon Business
Amazon Business First Time Set Up Guide
Direct Deposit Sign-Up or Change Form 

Doctor on Demand 

 Time Clock - 2/7/18 Power Point Presentation2020-21 WCDA Requests Sick Leave Bank - Faculty

 Time Clock  - August 2018 Power Point PresentationRunning a Report in WebLink for Activities Understanding Your Pay Stub
Delta Dental 2020-21  
Leave Requests for Faculty - Web Link
Plan Booklet

Summary 2020-21 

Waldorf Tuition Discount 

Vision Insurance 2020-21
 Avesis - Eye Care Insurance          
 Avesis Claim Form  
 Avesis - Provider List 

 Cafeteria Plan    
Common Qualified Items     
 OTC Medicines Announcement (CARES Act)   
Employee Benefits Presentation 11/2019   

Iowa Public Employees'
Retirement System
403B Retirement Plan
(Tax Sheltered Annuity)
Equipment Breakdown
Mandatory Training 
 About IPERS   Plan SummaryHow To Report An Equipment Maintenance Claim Iowa Department of Human Services
 Preparing for Retirement  Program SummaryEquipment Maintenance Insurance Overview  
Leavings IPERS Covered Employment Provider At-A-Glance SummarySU Insurance - Contact List  
Understanding your Disability Benefits with IPERS  Salary Reduction Form 2018-19 SU Insurance Policy  
Purchasing Services  In-House Form  
IPERS Member Handbook (74 pages)  Equipment Listing