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  1. Senior status sheet: designed to summarize your planning to this point; must be completed and returned to guidance office. Individual conferences will be scheduled based on the information from this sheet.

  2. G.P.A. and class rank have been figured through the junior year. Most post-secondary schools request this as part of the admissions process. See guidance for this info.

  3. John Baylor ACT Test Prep Course. We suggest that you take the Baylor Test Prep Course immediately prior to taking the ACT test. For more information, visit Please see the Guidance Office for the scheduled class dates.

  4. Dates for the ACT and SAT tests can be found on their websites. You do not always have to take the test before applying to a school, but testing is generally required before you can be admitted. ACT test dates can be found at http:///

  5. Visiting with college and armed services representatives: Dates and times will be announced in advance via the daily bulletin and the Guidance Bulletin Boards in the Guidance hallway. Students must clear leaving class with their instructor prior to the rep's meeting. Passes must be obtained from Guidance before the student can be allowed to leave class. Students will sign-in on sheet at the rep's meeting and must report to Guidance after the meeting for a pass to be readmitted to class. Meetings are usually held in either the small conference room in the main office or in the auditorium. See your student handbook under college representative visits policy for more details.

  6. Materials available in the counseling office: catalogs and brochures for vocational-technical schools, private specialized schools, community colleges, 2-year and 4-year colleges are available in the guidance office. These materials may be checked out. Sign the check out sheet and then return all materials within one week. Please return all resources to the appropriate shelf, then cross off your name from the check out sheet. Most materials are filed by type of school and location in alphabetical order.

  7. Scholarship information is filed in order by deadline in three ring binder folders. Please do not remove scholarship information from the folders. Write down scholarship forms you are interested and guidance will photocopy materials you need. Additional information (brochures, applications, program descriptions, etc.) concerning a variety of schools is filed by school in a labeled drawer of a 4 drawer file cabinet. See guidance for help.

  8. Check the Guidance Bulletin Boards for general information on special programs, financial aid, scholarships, testing dates, school representatives visiting , and a variety of guidance general information.

  9. Feel free to have me review any school applications with you. Guidance will mail the applications and necessary additional forms for you. Requests to have transcripts sent must come through the guidance office. You must sign a form giving the school permission to send your transcript. Virtually all school applications require that a copy of your high school transcripts be included.

  10. Numerous scholarships are available. Many are competitive, based on need, or require that certain criteria be met. Available scholarships will be described on the school announcements, posted on the Guidance Bulletin Boards, and/or kept in the blue three-ring binder scholarship folders. The Internet also offers a variety of options to explore. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO EXPLORE THE SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE. Pay particular attention to application deadlines. Please ask questions or seek assistance if necessary. I strongly encourage all of you to apply for our local Dollars for Education scholarships. In order to be eligible for these scholarships, you will have to donate some of your time raising money for this organization. See guidance for application deadline.

  11. Forest City High School's Financial Aid Information Night is Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 6:30 PM in the High School auditorium.  This year it will run concurrent with the high school P/T/S conferences.

  12. A representative from Iowa College Access Network (ICAN) will be available on February 5th, 2013, from 12:00 p.m.. to 8:00 p.m. to assist with filling out FAFSA forms. Please call the Guidance Office to make an appointment.

  13. Compare schools carefully: factors such as costs, programs, location, size, and tradition are only some of the things you should consider. Feel free to visit with me any time in order to secure more information regarding schools you are interested in. A general guideline is to try to apply to schools by Thanksgiving if you can. Most schools will require an application fee (usually around $30). If you are not accepted at a school, do not give up! There is always a school or program that will be right for you.

  14. College Visitation--Forest City High School allows up to 2 school days for senior visitation to a post-secondary school. Arrangements must be made at least one week in advance of the day you would like to visit. Guidance will call and arrange for your visit. In order to do this, Guidance will need a note or a call from you parent excusing you for the date you wish to go. You will need to obtain a School Visitation Verification Form to be signed by a school representative and returned to Guidance following your visit.

  15. Military--The military can provide many varied opportunities for interested young adults. Options available include such things as appointments to military academies, direct and/or delayed enlistment with financial incentives, enlistment in the Reserves, and ROTC programs. Recruiters want qualified men and women with high school diplomas. Private meetings with your recruiter should be set up during your free times (study hall, late arrival, early release, lunch, etc.). If you do not have any free times, you will need to check with a teacher ahead of time and receive a pass from Guidance similar to going to a college rep. meeting in order to be excused from a class to meet with a military rep. If a military recruiter persists in contacting you after you have decided that you are not interested in the military, let me know immediately.

  16. If you are not planning to continue your education past high school, the guidance office can offer information and assistance in a variety of ways. Available jobs, work requirements, applications, interviews, placements, and recommendations are all things that can be explored through resources available from Guidance.

  17. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to meet the requirements for graduation from Forest City High School. To graduate from FCHS you must earn 72 credits during grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. Those credits must include:

    *12 credits English (including 3 of English I and 3 of English II)
    * 9 credits Math
    * 9 credits Science (including 3 of Health and 2 of Biology)
    * 9 credits Social Studies (including 1 Geography, 3 U.S. History, 2 World History, and 2 Government)
    * 7 credits Physical Education (including Conditioning & Nutrition, Team Activities, and Lifetime & Leisure Activities)
    * 1 credit Keyboarding & 1 credit Computer Applications I
    * 24 Electives

  18. ***NOTE THAT FCHS REQUIREMENTS MAY NOT BE AS STRINGENT AS WHAT SOME COLLEGES MAY REQUIRE FOR ADMISSION OR GRADUATION. See a FCHS course registration booklet for Regent Universities in Iowa and Minnesota requirements for admission or this link.

  19. Vocational Rehabilitation services--if you have any sort of handicapping condition related to hearing, sight, asthma, heart, or a physical or learning disability you may qualify for vocational rehabilitation funds available for schooling or job training. See Guidance for more details.

  20. Beware of mailings or contacts by schools or agencies that seem to offer "something for nothing". Examples may include certain publications, correspondence schools, or scholarship agencies.

  21. Stay up-to-date and aware of the opportunities available to you as a HS senior. Listen to daily announcements, check the Guidance Bulletin Boards regularly, check your school email, and visit the Guidance Office whenever you have any questions. Daily announcements are also posted on the school’s web page each day at

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Here is the email addresses of our Forest City High School counselor.
Feel free to contact her with your questions.