February 12

 Regular Meeting

February 12, 2018 

The Board of Directors of the Forest City Community School District met for a regular meeting on February 12, 2018 at 6:30 P.M. in the District Office.

 After a quorum was established the meeting was called to order by the president, Bruce Mielke.                    


Members present: Pat Hobbs, Bruce Mielke, Cindy Carter, Dave Bartlett, and Keila Buffington, and Jesse Olson.  Members absent: Eric Kingland.


Dave Bartlett moved to approve the agenda. Cindy Carter seconded the motion.  Ayes: six.  Nays: none.  Carried.


Mike Van Oort, Sara Leichsenring, and Shawn Miller presented on the Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC) program.  Eric Kingland entered the meeting at 6:43 

P.M. Chad Moore, Activity Director and HS Asst. Principal gave a monthly report to the Board.


Sup’t Lehmann gave his monthly report to the Board, discussing the following items: FFA Newsletter, Parents for Great Iowa Schools Information, Chamber and FCED Annual 

Meeting, IHSAA 9th Grade Choral Reading to All State, and new marketing materials for each educational building.


Sup’t Lehmann reviewed the following consent agenda items: minutes of the January 8th Regular Meeting and January 23rd Special Meeting, open enrollments, and 

personnel.  After discussion, Cindy Carter moved to approve all consent agenda items. Pat Hobbs seconded the motion.  Ayes: seven.  Nays: none.  Carried.



        -          Kat Montgomery, Wrestling Cheer Coach


                   Contracts:            -        Carlie Fritz, HS ELA Instructor, 9th Softball Coach, and MS


                                                        Volleyball Coach


Sup’t Lehmann along with Kingland Construction provided the Board with a construction update of the Hanson Family Fine Arts Center.


Sup’t Lehmann shared an update on the current legislative session.


Sup’t Lehmann provided and update on the potential 5th grade transition to the middle school.


Keila Buffington moved, seconded by Jesse Olson to approve the Summit-Tribune as the Official Publication of the Forest City Community School District. Ayes: seven.  Nays: 

none.  Carried.


Sup’t Lehmann gave a first reading of the following Board policies:  300, 301, 301.1, 302, 302.2, 302.3, 302.4.  After discussion, Pat Hobbs moved to approve the policies as read.  Cindy Carter seconded the motion.  Ayes: seven.  Nays: none.  Carried.


Sup’t Lehmann presented the Worth County Development Authority Budget for 2018-19. After discussion, Dave Bartlett moved to approve the budget as presented.  Cindy Carter seconded the motion.  Ayes: seven. Nays: none. Carried.


After reviewing the monthly financial statements. Dave Bartlett moved to approve the following statements as presented. Jesse Olson seconded the motion.  Ayes: seven.  Nays: none.  Carried. 


After reviewing the monthly bills, Dave Bartlett moved to approve the following for payment as presented.  Jesse Olson seconded the motion.  Ayes: six.  Nays: none. Eric Kingland abstained.  Carried. 


Cindy Carter moved to adjourn the regular meeting. Keila Buffington seconded the motion.  Ayes: seven.  Nays: none.  Carried.


The meeting adjourned 8:09 P.M.


Bruce Mielke, President                                  

Sara Meinders, BS/BM