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Activity Passes

1003.4 Activity Pass 


 Series 1000 - School-Community Relations

Activity Pass Code No. 1003.4

The Forest City Community School District acknowledges passes to allow free admission to all home high school athletic events (including bowling) and high school concerts.  Activity passes of any type do not allow free admission to the following:

  1.  Musical

  2.  Play

  3.  Spotlight

  4. Any State of Iowa sanctioned tournament series games/events

  5. Admission to shared athletic events in which FCHS is not the host school.  i.e. swimming, hockey, soccer, concerts, etc.

  6. Prom 

  7. Forest City Education Foundation Events

  8. Other events that explicitly express “Activity Tickets Not Valid For Entrance” when created


Passes must be presented by the owner at the time of admission to each event. Photos of passes will NOT be accepted.

The Forest City Community School District acknowledges the following activity passes:

  1. Student Purchased Activity Pass - Passes can be purchased annually during registration time and/or at any of the District Offices for students that are currently active and registered as students of the Forest City Community School District (Grades K-12).

  2. Golden Age Pass - It is the belief of the Board of Directors that education is a continuing process and it is important to have senior citizens feel that they are an integral part of the educational community.  Because of these convictions, it is the desire of the Board of Directors, Forest City Community School, to encourage the participation of Senior Citizens in school activities. In recognition of these factors, senior citizens, 65 years of age or older who reside in the Forest City School District, shall be issued a lifetime activity pass at no charge that can be used each year. Senior citizens desiring to participate in these events shall contact the office of the superintendent where a Golden Age Pass will be issued.


  1. Forest City Indians Sports Booster Donation Pass - Annual booster activity passes are included with certain donation levels as part of the Forest City Indians Sports Boosters Blitz campaign.  Contact a Sports Booster Member to make your donation and to get your annual pass.


  1. Forest City Community School District Staff Identification - Single employees will be required to work three (3) activities and employees with a spouse or a family will be required to work four (4) activities and shall receive in exchange an activity pass for their immediate family.  Single employees may choose to work four (4) activities in exchange for an activity pass for themselves and a guest. Tracking and issuance of Staff Passes is administered by the Activities Director.


Top of Iowa Conference Pass and/or any State Issued Activity Pass that is acknowledged by the Boys or Girls Athletic Union - as issued by these organizations.